Rocío Cantón has over ten years of experience in the field of litigation and can assist and advise with all aspects of the litigation process from, lawsuits and any appeals may also be part of the litigation process. When it comes to property, we are able to assist with the resolution of purchase, contracts, recovering sums paid to the promoter, execution of bank guarantees, defects liability in Building Works, evictions..


"We specialize in RESOLUTION of purchase contracts, RECLAIMING any moneys paid plus legal interest, EXECUTION of bank guarantees, DISSOLUTION of joint property ownership, ELIMINATION of floor clauses in mortgage title deeds (tied minimum interest rate)..."


"We specialize in pursuing crimes of MISAPPROPRIATION, FRAUD and ASSET CONCEALMENTS and PUNISHABLE INSOLVENCIES committed by property developers, CORPORATE offenses, FALSIFICATION of documents, DRUG offenses..."


"We are expert on property issues and URBAN planning. (Planning, Compensatory committees, reversions, development costs, claims arising from development processes, environmental and urban discipline, land reparcelling projects, expropriations, land classification, coastal areas and coastlines..."